Changing lives through engineering

We are a company that believes in the principles of shared value,
proudly contributing to the upliftment of Southern Africans.

In developing these skills, our trainees become more than employable;
they become empowered with the ability to shape their own futures.

Success is measured in excellence

Our mission at ATI is to provide the finest standard of technical skills training for all.
This passion for quality and particular attention to detail is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

We lead by example and our trainees come to expect nothing less than the best from themselves.

My training. My Trade. My future.

At ATI, we do more than just educate; we strive to uplift and instil a newfound
sense of personal value in every one of our graduates.

We believe that in work and life it's not just having the skills that makes the
difference, it's the pride you take in how you use them.